What is wrong with Labour ?

On one level of course we thought we knew.  After 13 years of a Labour Government we were left to pick up the pieces.  Amongst other problems bequeathed to our new Conservative led Government in 2010 they had left the economy in the worst peacetime state in living memory, had failed to tackle the benefits explosion and allowed our children's education to fall further behind our competitors.  Now in Opposition they carp and complain but fail to provide solutions to the results of their years in power.


On another level though, locally, all seems not to be well either.    Recently -


* Two Labour Councillors have said they will not stand again because they allege bullying within the Labour group.  In the November issue of the community newspaper, Westcombe News, it was reported that these allegations had not been investigated as promised.


* The former Editor of  Greenwich Time - the Council newspaper dubbed as "Pravda" - was sacked and is taking his case to a tribunal.  He wrote recently in the Press Gazette "..  I believe the best thing is to have it out in the open if the toxic political smog over the Royal Borough of Greenwich is ever to be lifted" and has talked of the Labour Leader's control over the contents of GT.  We've always said its essentially a Labour Party rag and the word of a former insider seems to confirm that.


* The Leader of the Council has referred himself to the Council's Standards Committee because he was caught using abusive language to a fellow Labour Councillor


And now an ordinary member of the Labour Party has copied a letter to Conservative as well as Labour Councillors in which he complains of his treatment at the recent meeting to select Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich.  He alleges that he was kicked and thrown to the floor.  The reason ?  The 86 year old had apparently been disputing the method of asking questions of the various candidates.  We weren't there, of course, so we may not know everything about the incident but it does paint an extraordinary picture of Labour locally.   Join Labour and get a thick ear !


In control of Greenwich Council continuously since 1971 our Labour friends may think they are unbeatable and, of course, that can breed arrogance.  All in all this is certainly unattractive and it may do the Labour Party no good - well that's their problem isn't it.  However, it can also reflect badly on our political processes overall and that is unacceptable.