Broken light timer in Strongbow Crescent plunges residents into darkness

Eltham North Councillors have been working for residents to try and fix problems with the timer for their lights which means they are plunged into darkness on landings and stairwells after dark. 


Despite Cllrs Adam Thomas and Spencer Drury being assured at the start of the week that the timer had been fixed, the problem appears to be persisting with the lights tripping out even after repairs have been completed.  In particular the timer in the tower block 2-72 appears to be broken and there are serious problems in 17-23 (the low-rise blocks).


The situation is particularly galling as many leaseholders in the Strongbow flats are being hit with substantial charges by the Council to maintain their blocks.  Last year (2012-13) the annual charge facing leaseholders was over £1,000 in the two Strongbow tower blocks, but this year (2013-14) the Council is suggesting that the average leaseholder will pay over a thousand pounds in annual service charges, plus £600 for the new door entry system and an estimated £1,300 for the lift refurbishment contract.  All told, some of the poorest home owners in the borough are being asked for an extra £2,900 over the next 12 months.


Thankfully following enquiries by Cllr Adam Thomas and Cllr Dermot Poston the elevator refurbishment programme was postponed as they pointed out that no plans had been put in place to allow less mobile residents to enter/exit the block if they struggled on the stairs when the lift was out of action. 


Cllr Spencer Drury said “As a Councillor I see the dreadful level of service provided by the Council to tenants and leaseholders on an almost daily basis.  In the case of Strongbow Crescent, the fact that Councillors like me are reassured that the problem has been fixed, only to find out from residents that this is not true simply adds insult to injury.”


“Leaseholders in Strongbow Crescent have every right to be furious as they are being charged huge sums of money by a Council which can’t seem to ensure that the landing and stairwell lights remain on when it is dark.  It is like a particularly unfunny joke and this Council should be ashamed of the way it treats its tenants and leaseholders.”


Eltham Councillors are continuing to chase up Officers to fix the lights in Strongbow. 


If any other residents are facing problems with maintenance by the Council please contact Leader of the Opposition Cllr Spencer Drury at especially if you have problems with damp as local Conservatives are trying to ascertain the extent of this problem across the borough.