Plans revealed: Eight storey tower block for Grove Market Place

Eltham councillor Adam Thomas has discovered that new proposals for the Grove Market site will include a eight storey tower block.  A planning application has been submitted by new owners Citygrove which will include 144 flats and only 49 parking spaces, as well as space for a restaurant.


The proposals closely mirror those of the previous owner Cathedral Group which saw significant local opposition, but which were approved by Labour councillors in March 2011.  In making this decision the Labour-run council set a precedent for a tower block to be built on the site with minimal parking.

A development of this size, with so little parking, is also likely to cause major parking problems in the local area, particularly for Eltham’s much loved Bob Hope Theatre, with no sign or recognition of the special arrangements that local Conservative councillors called for 2 years ago.


Cllr Adam Thomas said: ‘I’ve spoken to many residents over the last few months and they are deeply concerned about what impact an eight storey tower block could have on the Eltham Palace Conservation Area.  This site is hugely important to the future of Eltham, and it needs to be developed, but we appear to have a council that doesn’t care about our community. 


“It’s disappointing that the developers have not sought to offer residents something different to the original problems which saw so much opposition previously.  I would now urge residents to get their views into the council and make their voices heard.”


Notes on this article


·         Details of the current proposals were submitted to the council for a ‘screening opinion’ in September.  The development includes two ground floor levels with a further six storeys on top, to create an eight storey tower block.

·         The original proposals by Cathedral Group for a 7 storey tower block were approved by the council’s Planning Board in March 2011, with both Conservative councillors opposing the proposals. With significant local opposition:

·         In June 2013 Conservative councillors forced Greenwich Council to reopen a consultation on the demolition of the site, having agreed with the developers that the site could be demolished two weeks before the date that residents could submit any views or concerns they had: