Boris’ reforms mean more police in Eltham

At a meeting of Eltham North Safer Neighbourhood Panel it was, once again, confirmed that the Mayor of London’s reforms to the police mean that the number of officers in our area has gone up. 


Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury attended the meeting where it was confirmed that the new police team for Eltham North will be a Sargeant, 5 Police Constables and 3 PCSOs.  Locally Labour has made a fuss about officers potentially being abstracted (taken out of the area), however, it appears that any of the 4 available PCs can normally only be allocated to other parts of Eltham. 


Where a concern was expressed over the new system, it was about the shift pattern which might lead to police being absent on some mornings.  It was felt this would be good for residents, but might have an impact on the High Street in the morning.  It was promised that this would be kept under review and it may be possible to review shift patterns.


Other issues discussed at the meeting included:-


  • The problems with motorbikes around the ward.  There was a discussion about the use of quad bikes, however, officers pointed out that it was completely legal to ride the bikes without a helmet if they were properly licensed.  It was generally agreed that irresponsible riding (across Lovelace Green in the Progress Estate) and the noise were the biggest problems with the bikes.  Concern was also expressed about the use of motorbikes in Jack and Oxleas Woods.
  • On the renewal of the Dispersal Zone in Eltham, Council Officers reassured the Panel that despite rumours to the contrary it was expected that the zone would be renewed at the start of November.
  • An examination of the crime figures so far this year suggested that:-
    • There had been an increase in theft from a motor vehicle (mostly of sat navs or the contents of glove compartments) especially in the early part of the year.  The incidents mostly occurred on Welling Way or around the Glenlea Road area.
    • The number of burglaries had risen (especially burglaries of sheds, of which there had been four the previous night). 
    • Someone had been arrested for stealing bicycles from around Eltham Station.
    • Shoplifting had declined over the course of the year.
  • Spencer raised the issue of the consultation to close Dobell Road where it joined Well Hall Road and there was widespread dismay at this proposal.  Spencer encouraged all interested parties to reply to the consultation, which could be found at
  • The date for Eltham Lights Up was confirmed as the 21st November.