Blackheath Westcombe Action Team Attend RSBTA Summers Drinks Party

2014 Council Candidates for Blackheath Westcombe Geoff Brighty, Laela Pakpour Tabrizi and Thomas Turrell attended a reception on the Royal Standard hosted by the Royal Standard Business & Traders Association.

The summer drinks party was held at Mocha on Old Dover Road and bought traders from across Blackheath together. The team spent the night speaking with the traders about issues such as the pavement tax, parking charges and how can bring new visitors to the area.

One of the 2014 Candidates for the ward Thomas Turrell said “It was great to be able to speak with the local traders and hear their views. In Greenwich we have a complacent and reckless Council that are intent on making life hell for our local shops and businesses. I want to see more support given to local businesses in order to protect our high streets and save local jobs”.