Labour's Hypocrisy on Zero-Hour Contracts

Greenwich Labour Councillor have attacked the use of zero-hour contracts, despite the fact their own Council uses them.

Councillor John Fahy, the Cabinet Member for Public Health, recently posted a message on Twitter stating:  "Zero hour contracts must end.  The Public Sector must take the lead."

His colleague, Councillor Matthew Pennycook, has been similarly strident in his criticism, writing an article in the New Statesman magazine headlined "The forward march of zero-hours contracts must be halted."

However, both Councillors fail to mention Greenwich Council's own use of such contracts. Whereas the Conservative-led Government has already recognised the need for action and has commissioned a review of the issue, the Labour-led Council seems to have taken no action on a practice which their own members have been so vocal in attacking.  The Council's Greenwich Local Labour and Business (GLLaB) website currently contains a number of zero-hours vacancies:

Greenwich Conservatives' candidate for Blackheath Westcombe, Thomas Turrell, who used to work for the Council said:

When I worked for the Council, I had a zero hour contract.  I find it completely astounding that someone as senior as the Cabinet Member for Public Health can be so ignorant of the Council's own contract policy. This is just another example of how Labour Councillors in Greenwich will attack the Government but lack the spine to stand up to the Leadership of Greenwich Council”. 

Deputy Leader of Greenwich Conservatives, Councillor Nigel Fletcher added:

"For Labour Councillors to be Tweeting and writing articles in the New Statesman on this issue whilst ignoring what their own Council is doing is extraordinary.  If they knew this was taking place on their watch, they are guilty of hypocrisy.  If they didn't know, why not? Either way, it shows a surprising lack of concern at how their Labour Council treats its own workers."