Council "Treating Local Shops and Motorists as Cashpoints"

Last year Greenwich Council made a total of £2 million pounds in penalty fees for parking offences, it has been revealed.  The news comes the same week as Conservative Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, announced plans to make drivers' lives easier with changes to parking regulations.

The plans announced by Mr Pickles on Monday would see drivers allowed to park on double yellow lines for up to 15 minutes, but would also see higher fines for people who park dangerously.  The Secretary of State is planning to change the laws introduced by Labour, which encourage Councils to hike up parking fees. Evidence suggests that over-bearing parking regulations deter people from going to the their local high street and is a big factor for the increase in use of out of town super-shopping centres.

Shops on the Blackheath Royal Standard have already had to fight off plans to introduce parking charges on Old Dover Road, and now face more financial attacks from the Council with the new "pavement tax" the Council is seeking to introduce without consultation. Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty has met with Traders and Council Officers to discuss these concerns.

Conservative Candidate for Blackheath Westcombe ward Thomas Turrell said: 

For reasons beyond anyone’s knowledge Greenwich Council seems to be waging a war with local shops in Greenwich and Blackheath. Instead of supporting our local traders, the Council treats them and local motorists as cashpoints. Parking regulations in Greenwich are inconsistent and in some cases nonsense.  I am delighted to see the Conservatives in Government taking action on this issue”.