Still lots of question following public exhibition on Grove Market

Conservative councillors attended the recent public exhibition of Citygrove’s new proposals for the Grove Market site on Court Yard.

While we have welcomed Citygrove’s proactive desire to demolish the site and clear the hazardous materials in the derelict buildings, we still have concerns about the proposals on which they are currently consulting.

Much of this rests on the fact that Labour councillors on Greenwich Council’s Planning Board gave permission in March 2011 for what local Conservative councillors felt was a completely inappropriate development. This included a supermarket, flats as well as a hotel.

Although this has never been built, this permission, (which is still valid) appears to have set a precedent for a 7-storey flatted development.  While Citygrove have removed the proposed hotel element and changed the façade, at the moment we still have proposals for a 7-storey building.

In place of the hotel comes more flats - up from 78 to 157 - but as we understand it, only 50 parking spaces are being provided, raising concerns this could cause significant problems in streets around Grove Market as well a significantly reducing the parking capacity for the Bob Hope Theatre.

Commercial space on the ground floor remains in the proposals, but this time for a restaurant rather than a supermarket.

This site is crucial to the future of Eltham and we very much hope that Citygrove will work with local Conservative ward councillors in Eltham South and Eltham North to work with us and residents to prodice a scheme that is right for Eltham.

It again appears that Labour councillors who represent the north of the borough have let down Eltham and its residents- it’s time to listen to the community and get a scheme that really works.