Is the money spent on an Equestrian Centre on Shooters Hill worth it?

An article by Maureen Burgess, Council Candidate for Shooters Hill Ward I am slightly concerned about Hadlow College suddenly acquiring not one but two sites on Shooters Hill. First the Equestrian Centre at the bottom of the Hill costing in excess of £5,ooo,ooo for only an intake of 62 pupils. I now discover they have  the Council's Parks Depot at the top of Shooters Hill for a Horticultural Skills Centre for acquired again very few pupils and Greenwich Council has given them £450,000 towards the building of said centre.  Plus they will have a 15 year lease with a peppercorn rent. They also have a 15 year lease on the Equestrian Centre.  My concerns are that.... 
  • How many jobs are there for horse care and riding skills in what is really a metropolitan area not the countryside and how much better all this money could be spent on our existing schools which are failing badly and way below most other London Borough's. Why has there been such secrecy about these sites and why have both been granted to Hadlow College?
  • I am concerned because not only has this been badly consulted but it is an awful lot of tax payers money for very few children. Apparently they will achieve a level 2 in horse care at the Equestrian centre and there is no proper information about exactly what level of skills can be gained.
  • Why is it necessary to have another Horticultural skill centre when there is already one run by Hadlow College in Mottingham Lane?