Speaking with Local Business Owners in Blackheath Westcombe

2014 Conservative Candidate for Blackheath Westcombe Thomas Turrell spent Monday morning (24th June) speaking with local businesses owners across Blackheath Westcombe ward, areas such as the Royal Standard and Blackheath Village. Thomas has been asking the local businesses owners what they think could be done to improve the area and attract new customers to Blackheath Westcombe.

Thomas, whose grandfather was a shop keeper in Woolwich and later ran a plumbing company in Charlton, is a resident representative on the Royal Standard Business & Traders Association so has a keen interest in supporting local businesses in Blackheath and Greenwich.

Thomas said “Speaking to people in the ward they always say how they want to protect their local shops. Across our borough we see local shops closing and streets becoming rows of metal shutters. The loss of local businesses is a lose to the community and I am determined to play my part in ensuring that this does not happen in Blackheath Westcombe. Local businesses and local shops provide local jobs for local people and provide the community with central points. It also The Council should do more to help small businesses in the Borough”.