Update from residents in the Kidbrooke with Hornfair Ward

Toni Hale has maintained contact with local residents around Indus Road, Nigeria Road and Hornfair Road with regards to ASB and parking concerns near Charlton Manor School. 

Toni goes back to visit residents in Indus Road for an update of the previous issues that residents raised some time ago.

Toni said 'It is important to stay in touch with those who you have raised concerns for. We need to make sure that people know they have a voice to stand up for them, who they can depend on and trust to get the job done. Plus represent them where it matters, in Council meetings and the like'. 

Mr Webb of Indus road states 'Schools that hire out their premises to organisations in the evenings and weekends must consider the community that live around them. They should also be accountable for such actions when things go terribly wrong'.

He goes onto to say 'Toni has been an integral part of getting things done. It is thanks to Toni with her communication to those concerned that we can relax and feel happier in our own homes'. 

Toni will continue to stay in touch with residents attending with the issues as they arise, Toni's said 'I would like to thank the residents for their trust in me and their support where it was needed'. Toni would also like to thank Cllr Spencer Drury Leader of the Opposition for his help in these matters.