Standing up for Woolwich Fire Station

A public consultation meeting on the new London Emergency Safety Plan was held at Greenwich University on Wednesday 29th May, where the proposed closure of Woolwich Fire Station was discussed.  Councillor Nigel Fletcher and Deputy Chairman of Greenwich Conservatives Thomas Turrell attended, along with members of the Shooters Hill Conservative Action Team Gemma Robinson and John Nichols.    

The Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade told the meeting that response times would increase by about 30 seconds across Greenwich as a result of the proposed changes, but that this would still be within the existing target.  He also pointed out that the London Fire Brigade work on a regional basis not a Borough one, meaning fires in Greenwich are not always dealt with by a fire crew from Greenwich.   James Cleverly, Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA), told those present that the Fire service, like every other public service, has had to make savings and needs to deliver its service for less money.

Councillor Fletcher, Deputy Leader of Greenwich Conservatives, told the meeting that the Conservative Group on Greenwich Council oppose the closure of Woolwich Fire Station, and have concerns that the projected growth in population in the area makes the move difficult to understand.  Speaking after the meeting he said:

"This is not a party issue - and there is consensus across all sides on Greenwich Council that this is a bad idea.  We don't think the figures on which this proposal has been based are credible, and we urge the Fire Authority to think again.  I was glad to hear the Chairman and Commissioner say this is a genuine listening exercise, and I hope they will listen."

The proposed closure of Woolwich Fire Station is an issue that affects the entire borough not just Woolwich. Member of the Shooters Hill action team and local resident Gemma Robinson said: “When I am out talking to people on the doorstep in Shooters Hill people tell me how concerned they are. John and I came to raise the concerns of these residents and stand up for Woolwich Fire Station. I want residents across our borough to be able to feel safe and know that if they need their fire service it will be there to provide a quick response”.