Battling to get the long overdue CPZ in Eltham Heights and Avery Hill

Over the last few weeks Eltham South Councillor Matt Clare, Eltham South Council Candidates Mark Elliott and Nuala Geary and a few local residents have been assiduously collecting signatures for a petition to the Greater London Assembly (GLA) urging for the rapid implementation of our CPZ as they [the GLA] adjudicate on the matter following an objection by Bexley Council.

Cllr Matt Clare said ‘Words cannot express my frustration at the amount of time it is taking to get the CPZ in place. The overwhelming majority of residents are in favour. We do not believe that there would be parking overspill into Bexley. We must be able to find a way forward which hopefully brings Bexley Council on board’.

At a recent Highways Committee meeting Cllr Matt Clare suggested that Greenwich Council offer to contribute financially to a small amount of controlled parking on the Bexley side if this would allay concerns. Unfortunately Greenwich Council did not take up this suggestion which may have helped secure the CPZ.

Mark Elliott said ‘So many residents have told me how their drives have been blocked, cars have been damaged and or they have suffered abuse. We are determined to resolve this.

If you are an Eltham Heights or Avery Hill resident and would like to add your name to the signature please send an email with the text below to Cllr Matt Clare at

The petition text is as follows (please copy it into your email)

‘I/we the undersigned residents of Eltham Heights and Avery Hill urge Greater London Assembly members to support Controlled Parking Zones in the above areas.

For several years our neighbourhoods have experienced intolerable levels of commuter and student parking. Drives have been blocked. Residents without off-street parking, some suffering infirmities, have frequently had to park up to half a mile from their homes.

We do not believe that the CPZ would result in overspill parking into Bexley. This is demonstrated by much lower levels of parking on Greenwich Borough Roads (e.g. Packmores Road, Southspring) which border Bexley. Indeed on the northern side of the proposed CPZ, Bexley already has its own CPZ.’

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