Conservatives welcome more police to Eltham

It was confirmed at a Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting for Eltham North ward last night that the change in police structures implemented by Mayor of London Boris Johnson will bring more Police Officers to Eltham.


Eltham North Sgt Marianne Rees confirmed to the panel that Eltham North ward would be allocated 6 Police Constables and 2 PCSOs with Eltham South ward receiving 3 PCs and 2 PCSOs.  It was expected that the two wards would form a more co-ordinated team to deal with problems on Eltham High Street, in addition to taking responsibility for investigating crimes locally.


At the same meeting Council Officers confirmed that Greenwich currently has the second highest level of burglary in London (with only Lewisham having more).  This trend had been noted by Ward Panel members looking at the data provided for them by the ward team, with 10 burglaries in the ward over the last month (April) including three in Archery Road.


Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury (who attended the meeting) said “It is really good news about the extra police coming to Eltham.  I hope that it will be a further improvement on the already successful Safer Neighbourhood Team model.  Police investigating crimes locally will be an improvement simply because currently most crimes are ‘investigated’ from Plumstead by people who may not have visited Eltham before.” 


Spencer also raised the problem of an abandoned car at the corner of Westmount Road and Heatherbank, which had been raised with Cllr Nigel Fletcher when he was talking to residents at the weekend.  Council Officers hoped to get it moved before the end of the week.