Community Action - locals clear up at the Standard

An enthusiastic team of volunteers got together on Saturday 27th April to start cleaning up the area behind the Stratheden Parade shops which for a long time has been an eyesore for residents.   Local traders and residents joined in the action day which was organised by Toni Hale, Secretary of the recently set up Royal Standard Business and Traders Association and a Conservative activist.











Toni was delighted by the support and said " It was good to see so many taking part and making such a difference.  It will be important now to try and maintain the interest and build on the work done".

 Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty, who took part in the clean up, said  " I've had any number of complaints about this area and particularly from residents who live there and have to see the litter and rubbish dumped there on a daily basis.  Its good to see that the community can make a difference and I hope this will just be the start of a real improvement"