Campaigning in Shooters Hill

Mo Burgess and Gemma Robinson, members of the Shooters Hill Conservative Action Team were out talking to local residents across Eaglesfield Road and Kinlet Road discussing local issues. Issues such as the conservation area, the Masks at the top of Shooters Hill, the delayed opening of Sevendroog castle and Labours continued damage to Oxleas Woods. 

While Gemma and Mo discussed these issues with local residents other local party members delivered the latest Newsletter - In Touch, from the Action Team to others parts of the Shooters Hill.

The In Touch raises issues such as the closing of many the local shops as a result of Labour's decision to spend all the money in Woolwich and ignoring other parts of the Borough, The threat to the local woodlands from the local Labour Council, the repairs to the Rose Gardens that local Conservatives have fought for on the Council and how many of the jobs at the new Equestrian Centre in the ward will be going to people in Kent and Surrey and not locally in Shooters Hill and Greenwich.

The In Touch also covers the proposed new River crossing and how the good news for Queen Elizabeth Hospital from the recent proposals for South London NHS Trust.