Greenwich refuses to admit schools ‘require improvement’

Greenwich Council sees many schools as ‘satisfactory’ which are classified by the government as ‘requiring improvement’.


At a Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel meeting on Tuesday, Councillors were presented with a report suggesting 20% of all the borough’s schools were judged as satisfactory, when in fact they were classified by Ofsted as ‘requiring improvement’.


In reaction to questions from Conservative Councillor Spencer Drury, it was admitted that the schools did require improvement, but no time was spent discussing how this might be achieved. 


Spencer said “Michael Gove has been quite clear that all children should be able to attend a good school and so he removed the ‘satisfactory’ category of schools which allowed some institutions to rest on their laurels.  As a result it is extremely disappointing to see Greenwich Council retaining their view that satisfactory schools are good enough and reporting back to a Council committee on that basis.”


Points also discussed at the meeting were:-


·        The ‘inadequate’ status of Morden Mount Primary School and Corelli College.  Interestingly when the Council closed Charlotte Turner School, Conservatives raised concerns over forcing many children into portacabins at Morden Mount, but their concerns were brushed aside. 

·        Why health visitor vacancy rates at Oxleas have risen sharply to 20%. 

·        The increasing problem of obesity in Greenwich primary age children, which the Council seemed to dismiss as parents’ problem.  Spencer also asked about why it was that only Woolwich and Charlton were being focused on for a coordinated approach to addressing obesity. 

·        Why it was that the Council’s ambition ‘children have higher aspirations to achieve educational success mentioned exclusions but not rates going to university.