Celebrating snouts in the trough

As Greenwich Council basked in the warm glow of self adulation, local Conservatives revealed that the Labour Council spent £4,000 attending the Awards Ceremony.


In response to enquiries by Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Councillor Spencer Drury it became clear that:


  • Greenwich Council spent £3,700 on hiring two tables at the Local Government Chronicle Awards ceremony – although guests did apparently pay for their own drink.
  • A further £260 on a bus to take the guests to and from the ceremony.


In addition, Greenwich Council Officers spent time preparing a submission for the competition and presenting their bid to judges. 


In response to the news of these extra costs, Spencer said “While Greenwich has done some things well over the past few years, (like for instance the massive improvement in education since Michael Gove started encouraging schools to get out of Council control) this self-congratulatory celebration of their own achievements is simply too much for me.” 


“Given the costs involved in terms of time and money, I wonder if Greenwich won simply because they were the only ones who were prepared to waste resources on this competition.  At this time of austerity, in my opinion a little more sensitivity when spending tax-payers money would be sensible.”


The decision to spend time and money on entering the Local Government Chronicle Awards comes just after Labour Councillors unanimously rejected local Conservatives proposals to limit Councillor rights to a pension, which would have saved £100,000pa.




It is worth noting that while the guest list is not available, if there were 10 people on each table, then the cost for each Greenwich guest was £185.  So the food must have been special if guests had to buy their own alcohol.


The Greenwich Council version of this story can be found at :  http://www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/news/article/151/royal_borough_of_greenwich_crowned_council_of_the_year