Eric Pickles Names and Shames Greenwich Time!

At the Conservative Spring Forum held in London on the 16th March 2013 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government told members of the Conservative party that local Councils should not be spending taxpayers money on weekly propaganda sheets and called on Greenwich Council to close Greenwich Time! He also names and shamed Tower Hamlets Council. In his speech Mr. Pickles also attacked Labour run Councils, such as Greenwich Council, who would rather cut front line services and peoples jobs rather than stop spending taxpayers money on Trade Union donations! Greenwich Conservatives have been urging the Council to stop this for some time but Labour Councillors in the Borough always vote down Conservative attempts to end this waste! 

Eric Pickles also called on all Councils to stop using parking fines as a way to avoid cuts. He said the Labours war on motorists must end and Councils should not leave residents of fear they would be hit with a £70 parking fine for going to the shop for a loaf of bread and parking on a single yellow line for 2 minutes. Mr. Pickles said it is wrong for local Councils to think they can avoid making efficiency savings by making the lives of motorists even more difficult! Mr. Pickles highlighted that Town Centres are killed off and small local business suffer the most where parking charges are too high and regulations are out of control. In January Greenwich Conservatives highlighted the decline in high streets across Greenwich where Labour are seeking to impose new parking charges! Further to this Greenwich Labour voted down Conservative plans to bring more support to local businesses in our borough! 

The Conference also heard from the Prime Minister David Cameron on how the Conservatives help people out of poverty and help people come of benefits by making work pay compared to Labour who want to keep people on benefits and keep people in poverty. The Prime Minister highlighted achievements of the Government for example the highest levels of employment ever, unemployment falling year by year, the deficit cut by a quarter, 250,000 new small businesses created, a million new apprenticeships, a £600 tax cut for for 24 million people and 2.2 Million people on low incomes taken out of tax altogether, Council Tax frozen for 3 years running, Benefits capped so people in work always earn more than people out of work, New laws to force energy companies to put people on the cheapest tariffs. 

After the Prime Minister had spoke Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt reported on how 6000 more doctors employed in the NHS and 6000 fewer managers showing the Conservatives creating a more value for money NHS! Then Home Secretary Theresa May reported on how crime has been cut by 10% since the Conservatives entered Government and how net immigration has been cut by a third by being tougher on those seeking to enter the country and putting British citizens first when it comes to social housing and making clear the NHS is a national not an international health service!