Repairs to the Shooters Hill Rose Garden

Many local residents will have noticed the devastation in the section of the Shooters Hill Rose Garden which is frequently where beautiful crocuses and daffodils are shooting up around this time of the year.  Despite the damaged area being in Shooters Hill Ward, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury is probably the Councillor who walks this area most regularly and he reported what he assumed was a leak and the damaged grass last week. 










In response to Spencer’s enquiry, the Council committed to finding the source of the leak and repairing it.  Once this is done, Council Officers will start on the reinstatement works for the area.










Spencer said “It has been a pretty tough winter up in the woods with what appears to be quite a lot of damage to grass areas from bikes and now this leak (which has been there for some time).  If residents do have concerns about the maintenance of the woods, they should contact the Council, although I am happy to act as a go-between if they would prefer.”









Spencer can be contacted via email at or on 0750 785 9184.