Statement regarding Eltham South Councillor selection

There has been some mention on the News Shopper website, Facebook and elsewhere of the selection of Council candidates for Eltham South Ward for the 2014 elections.


Both main parties in Greenwich will follow transparent procedures to select candidates for political office to a prescribed timetable.  To be clear, our wards started the process of selecting candidates to stand in the 2014 Council elections prior to Christmas and it will continue throughout this year.  Last week members of Eltham South Ward met to choose three out of five people to be their candidates for the Council elections in 2014.  This is an open and democratic process as laid down by the Conservative Party nationally.  The only people allowed to vote at this meeting were Conservative Party members who live in Eltham South ward.


As a result of the meeting, Cllr Matt Clare, Mark Elliott and Nuala Geary were chosen to be the Conservative Party candidates in 2014.  All three live in the ward and received more votes than the other two candidates, one of whom was sitting Eltham South Councillor Eileen Glover. 


Throughout this process Federation Officers and the Ward Chairman believe that they have been scrupulous in following the guidelines laid down by the Conservative Party nationally and we respect that it is Cllr Glover’s right to appeal.  We will await the outcome of the appeals process.


In our opinion, it is unfortunate that this issue has come become the subject of discussion in the week that the Labour Council’s Financial Strategy for the next two years is to be decided.  As Conservatives we would wish to focus upon our alternative which attempts to decentralise power to areas such as New Eltham and support local businesses in an attempt to improve employment and prosperity in our area.