Blackheath Councillor keeps up pressure over Circus Field restoration


Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty is monitoring the restoration of Circus Field and in December asked a formal question in Full Council about the process. 


The questions to Cabinet Member Denise Hyland and her answer are shown below:




Would the Cabinet Member like to provide an update on restoring Circus Field, Blackheath following the Olympics?


Would she, in particular, say whether she agrees with the assessment that it would be unlikely that the area will have recovered sufficiently for it to be used for any major event, such as the Fun Fair, until Summer 2013?




I thank Councillor Brighty for his question. LOCOG moved off site at the end of November as required by the planning permission, with the field being handed back to Royal Borough of Greenwich. Restoration work is being carried out via a contractor, appointed by LOCOG, which will continue until the end of March 2013. Royal Borough of Greenwich officers will monitor the performance of that work until completed to satisfaction.


To date the entire surface has been deep aerated. Turfing has taken place in some areas and seeding in others with an agreed grass plant ratio. The bunds to the perimeter have been restored, wild flower seed and grasses have been broadcast over the bunds to ensure compatibility with the original plant communities that existed on them, or indeed improved. Further work will take place over the next few months, as weather conditions allow to ensure the field is returned to the condition; (at least) it was in prior to LOCOG’S use of the site.


Weather conditions over the winter and spring will of course determine the speed of recovery in terms of germination and the development of a grass sward. The Council will need to monitor the situation in terms of assessing when the surface will be sufficiently recovered to support a major event. At this stage that would seem most likely not until the summer of 2013.


However the Council expects to be able to allow minor use of parts of the field to support the London marathon in April 2013.