Matt Clare joins the refuse team in Eltham

Eltham South Conservative Councillor, Matt Clare had the opportunity to join a refuse collection team for a shift in Eltham just after Christmas. 

Conservatives believe that the best way to really understand how a council works best, is to get out and experience the different jobs done by front line staff on the ground.  Conservative Councillor Matt Clare, who has represented Eltham South Ward for the last three years, previously spent a day in the council Call Centre and visited the materials recycling plant in Thamesmead. 

He said “I was really pleased to join the refuse team and help on their shift in the Court Road/Middle Park area during the busiest time of the year.  I was very impressed with the team, whose professionalism and work ethic was second to none. This was no better illustrated than by the effort they put into collection, often getting a bin out even when not easily accessible.  If it is at all possible, we should all help by putting out our bins on the pavements where they are most accessible the night before collection day.  I will be speaking to the council to understand how we can support residents who have difficulty in moving their bin.   Our refuse crews work very hard indeed with a 6 am start at the depot and rounds up to 6 miles (10km) long in steel capped boots in all weathers.   I was particularly impressed with the importance placed on Health and Safety and was more than happy to practice emptying a wheelie bin in the safest way at the depot. 

“It was very pleasing to see that the overwhelming majority of households recycle and put food/garden waste in the green bin. However more can be done, and I came away feeling frustrated that a small minority of households fail to recycle and/or contaminate their recycling bins. While the leniency Greenwich council shows is to be applauded more should perhaps be done to get remaining residents to recycle, after all it will save the council, and us, financially and environmentally.

I will also be liaising with the council to see how we can improve and encourage further recycling in the flats around the area.

“It was a real pleasure to meet the crew, and I’d like to thank them for the warm welcome they extended to me and how friendly and supportive they were on the day despite being extremely busy.  This was a very valuable experience.”