Local Conservatives Remember Forgotten Tragedy

On Friday 30th November 2012 Greenwich Conservatives Constituency Officer for Greenwich & Woolwich Toni Hale organised a local remembrance service to remember all those who sadly lost their lives in Sunfields place in Charlton ward.

The event was held in remembrance of residents of the street who sadly died when the street was hit by a V2 Bomb as it is the 68th anniversary of the tragedy. The Bomb hit the street at just past one in the morning on the 30th November 1944 and killed 19 resident including 4 children. Only 3 bodies were discovered, they were taken to hospital where they later passed away. The entire street was gone in a instant, one local resident at the memorial who survived the blast recalled “The Street became a sea of mud”. Toni explained that the street was once Victorian style terrace houses all facing each other in a traditional street, now the street has a new format with a green in the middle where houses once stood. It is on this green where the memorial tree was planted. Residents lay flowers and 19 purple ribbons were tied to the tree by local residents in memory of the 19 locals who lost their lives for a war thousands of miles away.

Toni, a resident in the street wanted to have a remembrance service as this piece of local history should not be forgotten and reminds us all that everyone, not just the brave members of the armed services were affected and killed during the Second World Ward. In her speech Toni said “All too often when talking of the Second World War we only remember the hero’s of the war and we forget the civilians all across London, in particularly here where so many loved ones were lost”. 

The service was led by Miss Hale and the Reverend Solomon Joseph of Sunfields Methodist Church as well as members of the Church and local residents. The memorial service was well attended and also present were Councillor Neil Dickinson, Deputy Chairman of Greenwich Conservatives; Thomas Turrell and Gemma Robinson.

The memorial will now be an annual remembrance day event to honour those who died running the country while so many were out on the front line fighting the war.

Those who died in the blast were;

George Asquith

Hilda Rose Lee

Joan Lee

Mabel Amelia Irvine

Thomas George Irvine

Irene Ada Bailey

Joyce Ellen Hill

Frederic William Barker

Eva Maud Barker

Molly Kathleen Barker

Alfred Budd

Frederic William James Butcher

Eileen Emily Joy

Betty Critchley

Edith Amelia Kirby

James William Alfred Nunn

Elizabeth Pilbrow

Alfred John Turner

Ellen Jane Turner