Conservatives maintain pressure over the Coronet

At the October Council meeting, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury maintained the pressure on Greenwich’s Labour Council through questions about the rebuilding of the Coronet Cinema site. 

Initially the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills refused to answer Spencer’s question about when the work at the Coronet would be completed but after continued pressure from the Leader of the Conservative Group, the Labour Councillor suggested that if there was no further progress, talks about completing the work would be reopened with Cathedral Group in the next six weeks.

Spencer said “For any local resident it is obvious that the flats around the old cinema have been completed, but the restoration work has been left to last.  I simply can’t understand why the company was not required to complete the rebuild of the old cinema section with the flats and this seems to me to be yet another example of this Council and our MP letting down the people of Eltham.”

“The Deputy Leader of the Council has stated publically that he is only interested in Eltham for the revenue he can raise from parking charges and this lack of time and effort taken to look after our major landmarks has once again been reflected in this half-finished job.”

Cllr Drury committed to maintaining the pressure on the Council over the issue of the Coronet.

The questions and answers from Council on the 30th October were:-

Written question:

1. Question from Councillor Spencer Drury to Councillor Denise

Hyland, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills.

I note that the majority of work on the Well Hall Coronet site appears to have been completed. Can the Cabinet Member suggest when all building work, including the cinema, will be completed?

Reply –

I thank Councillor Drury for his question.

It is understood that the developer is still seeking an operator for the restaurant use within the listed portion of the former Cinema. Should a lack of interest continue a meeting will be arranged to discuss a way forward as clearly the unit will not be fitted out until an operator is identified.

Supplementary (oral) question:

Cllr Drury:

 Thank you Mr Mayor.  If I could thank Councillor Hyland for her answer, I know she has been busy this evening but the question is about the Coronet Cinema, or the ex-Coronet Cinema site.  I am concerned that Councillor Hyland says in her answer that should a lack of interest continue a meeting will be arranged to discuss a way forward.  Does Councillor Hyland have a deadline for when this lack of interest will manifest itself, so she will arrange a meeting and at that point could she make sure Ward Councillors are informed prior to the meeting and of a result of any meeting.  Thank you.

Cllr Hyland:     

Thank you Mr Mayor, thank you Mr Drury for your supplementary.  I would say, if you’re looking for a deadline, I would think somewhere within the next six weeks we will be talking to Cathedral Group if that’s helpful.