Blackheath Conservatives review Greenwich Park post Games

Today Blackheath Westcombe ward Councillors Alex Wilson and Geoff Brighty enjoyed a tour of Greenwich Park with Graham Dear of the Royal Parks to review the restoration areas which had been used for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The trio were joined by fellow Conservatives Neil Dickinson, Adam Thomas and Spencer Drury in reviewing progress towards returning the whole park to a good standard for the public to use.

Leader of the Opposition Cllr Spencer Drury said "The work to repair Greenwich Park after the games is well underway and I was pleased to see the thought which has gone into the aftermath of the events here.  Although it will take time (probably until next summer) to complete, I would rather it was done well than rushed and botched as a result.  I do hope that Greenwich Council, which is in control of other venues like Circus Field or Woolwich Common takes a similarly professional approach."