Conservatives help fix car parking problems around Charlton Manor Primary School

Every Sunday Charlton Manor Primary School allows a Church group to use its hall which is good for the community and gives young people across Kidbrooke and Charlton something to do, teaching them life skills and to value the community around them. However over the past two years local residents in the area around the school have been experiencing difficulties when the parish members leave the School.

Parking in the area becomes dreadful, with residents not being able to park, and reports of cars being damaged by people leaving the church. One resident reported they had ‘seen a small child knocked off their bike as one parish member drove carelessly away from the grounds of the school’. There have been further reports of anti-social behaviour, spitting in the streets, shouting, fighting and litter thrown onto residents’ property.

After two years of complaints to the school and local Labour Councillors little has been achieved and local residents feel they have been ignored. Kidbrooke with Hornfair Conservatives Ward Secretary Toni Hale took up the fight after being approached by a concerned resident while running a morning workshop in Blackheath. Miss Hale contacted the School and Church and set up a meeting between residents, the Head Teacher and the Pastor of the Church group. Toni Hale and Thomas Turrell alerted other residents in the area about the meeting by hand delivering letters to residents last week.

On Wednesday 17th October 2012 the meeting took place with a good turnout of local residents hoping to get action; so the community, Church group and School could all move forward together. The meeting was chaired by Toni Hale and attended by local Conservatives Thomas Turrell and Gemma Robinson from Charlton, the Chairman of Governors for the School and other members of school staff came to listen to the views of residents.

At the meeting Miss Hale stressed that this was not a witch hunt against the Church or the school, but this was a meeting designed to get answers, build bridges and plan action! Miss Hale also stressed that the Church plays a very important role in the community.

Residents were in agreement that opening a second gate in Hornfair Road would help to free up movement and stop congestion building up in the narrower roads nearby. The Minister of the Church group and his assistants have agreed to ask parish members to park further away from the school so residents can still have access to parking areas nearer to their homes. He is also to make sure that the attendees move along swiftly once the service has finished in the hope to reduce any ill behaviour. 

Miss Hale, Miss Robinson and Mr Turrell have all agreed to visit the Church to see the service in action; plus to be able to view the hoards of people and their behaviour once they leave the school premises.  Further to this, residents have agreed to liaise with Miss Hale of any future concerns which may arise from the Church and its parish members. Miss Hale will be holding the School and Church group accountable for any such concerns residents raise in the future.

For two years residents have had these concerns and on Wednesday 17th October 2012 the local Conservatives offered a life line, unlike that of local Labour Councillors who have let down these local residents. However, the local Conservatives in the form of Toni Hale has filled the void!