Delay and obfuscation over Eltham Parking charges scheme

After an unaccepatably long delay, a Greenwich Council response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Eltham Councillor Spencer Drury has refused to reveal key facts on the parking scheme being introduced in the High Street.

The FOI request was made on 31st March 2012 and should have been responded to within 20 working days of being received (by 2nd May 2012).  A response was eventually received by Cllr Drury on 20th July – more than three months late.  Despite the delay the Council refused to provide details (beyond headline figures) about the revenue to be raised from the introduction of parking charges or the amounts charged by other boroughs.  According to the Council’s Chief Execuitve, the original (pay by mobile phone only) scheme should have cost £84,000 and provided revenue of £123,708 from introducing parking charges on Eltham High Street.

Spencer said “The failure to provide details on the budget is concerning as Eltham Councillors were informed that a mobile phone only payment system was the only way of profiting from the parking charges scheme.  The chaos surrounding this scheme means that the Council should abandon its latest consultation planned for Autumn 2013.”

Notes on this article

  1. In response to question from Blackheath Councillor Alex Wilson in June, Cllr Hyland indicated that the question of parking charges around the Blackheath Standard would be revisited in the Autumn.  It is understood that this also applies to Eltham High Street.  (Members’ Questions #27)
  2. In answer to a question from Eltham Cllr Matt Clare in March asking the Council to abandon proposals for parking charges the Cabinet Member concerned stated that  “The Council is preparing papers to consult on parking and it would be wrong to prejudge this issue.”  (Members’ Questions #6)