The Kibrooke development continues

Kidbrooke as an area has been undergoing large-scale change in recent years, and now with the chimney stack from the Ferrier taken down it seemed to be a good opportunity to look at the Kidbrooke developments.

When Greenwich Council announced plans several years ago to transform the Kidbrooke area, and create the Kidbrooke Village by knocking down the Ferrier estate local Conservatives raised a number of concerns, firstly the size and type of homes which were to be built, as we believe that there should have been more lager family sized homes with access to their own garden and not just apartments, with Labour giving permission for over 1/3rd of the green space to be built over we were concerned that families would not have the green areas which they need. Secondly we attended meetings with and supported the leaseholders from the Ferrier over their concerns as to their fair treatment. As people who had a leasehold though the right-to-buys scheme these residents wanted a fair value for their property and treatment from the Council. Conservative Councillor Eileen Glover along with other Conservative Councillors raised concerns and questioned the Labour run Council over its plans.

Currently most of the old Ferrier estate buildings have been knocked down, recently the chimney stack was demolished and by the end of 2013 all the buildings will have been demolished. With Phase 1 of the Kidbrooke Village plan well under-way with over 300 people now living in the new developments. However it would appear that the developer has had some difficulty in selling the homes to owner-occupiers and has started to market the development overseas to investor landlords looking to receive income from letting the properties and any capital growth. This does raise a concern as new neighbourhoods with a substantial level of owner-occupiers are less likely to suffer from problems with anti-social behaviour and estate neglect.

Looking towards the future the Kidbrooke Village development will see even more homes built, including homes for the over 55's and the much needed rebuilding of Kidbrooke train station and the development of shopping and commercial space.

The Master-plan as a document is a set of guidelines which will need continuous adjustment over time, Conservative Councillor Alex Wilson recently raised the proposed designs with the Council calling on it to remember that Kidbrooke is surrounded by other areas which should be taken into consideration. For example with the proposed new grocery shopping space the Council should taken into consideration the nearby Lee Gate Centre just over Eltham Road in the London Borough of Lewisham.

The Kidbrooke development is one of the largest in the UK and Conservatives will continue to stand up for local residents.