Labour rejects calls to help parents choose the right school for their children

At Tuesday evening’s Council meeting the Labour Council rejected calls by Conservative Councillors to publish the results of each school at GCSE and ‘A’ level broken down by subject. 

In a motion to Council proposed by the Leader of the Opposition Cllr Spencer Drury, Conservatives asked for the Council to co-ordinate the publication of Greenwich Secondary schools results in a way that would allow parents and student to see how many pupils gained each grade in the subjects taken at individual schools in the borough. 

Spencer, who is a teacher in the local area, said “I actually proposed this motion as a parent considering the right school for my son next year.  The local grammar and private schools seem to publish this information as a matter of course but, in Greenwich, only St Paul’s Academy makes clear who got what grade in each subject.”

“A local parent told me recently that one Greenwich school does not offer any languages at ‘A’ level any more but without a clear results sheet, it is impossible to know if this is true.”

“I really don’t understand why Labour Councillors rejected our motion, which praised the much improved results of our schools, especially at the semi-grammar Crown Woods.  They seemed much more interested in slapping themselves on the back and praising bureaucrats than actually allowing parents in Greenwich to make the right choice for their children.”


  1. St Paul’s Academy results can be found at
  2. The Conservative motion as moved by current teacher Cllr Spencer Drury and seconded by ex-teacher Cllr Dermot Poston reads as follows: “
    “Council notes the much improved GCSE examination results in schools across Greenwich.  Council congratulates the students, parents and staff who helped achieve an increase in results which looks likely to be substantially above the national average, most notably at Crown Woods and Eltham Foundation schools. 

    Council believes that parents will find it easier to select an appropriate school for their child if each school publishes its results at GCSE and ‘A’ level in full, broken down by subject.

    Council calls upon the Cabinet and Leader to facilitate the publication of full school results for all Greenwich schools broken down by subject for Key Stages 4 and 5.”
  3. The amended motion as proposed by Cabinet Member Cllr Jackie Smith and professional politician Cllr Chris Roberts reads as follows:

    “Council notes the much improved GCSE examination results in schools across Greenwich which looks likely to be substantially above the national average.

    Council notes with equal pleasure the results achieved by 11 year olds in Greenwich primary schools.  Every published measure of performance is in the top 25% nationally with performance in mathematics, second highest in the country and in English and mathematics combined, fourth highest in the country. 

    Council congratulates the pupils on their success and expresses its gratitude to parents, the staff and governors at our schools and to the Director of Children’s Services and her staff in securing these results.

    Council believes that raising educational standards makes a real contribution to tackling poverty of aspiration and provides the building blocks for economic regeneration.”