After the Olympics and Paralympics

Conservatives Keep up the pressure on Council to restore Greenwich Park

The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s three games venues yielded a rich seam of gold, silver and bronze not least from the events held in Greenwich Park -perhaps the most controversial of any Games locations but also one that gave some of the most memorable images.

Inevitably there were problems along the way -  botched parking permits, an earlier than planned closure of The Avenue leading to more congestion on Maze Hill and delays in the promised phased re-opening of the Park.

Some local residents close to the Park bore the brunt of the disruption that came with the use of the Park. While the decision to hold events in Greenwich Park was welcomed by some others were strongly opposed but what all will agree on is the need to fully and properly restore the Park. This is vital and Greenwich Council’s Conservative Councillors will be keeping a close watch on progress during coming months.

Post - Olympics and Paralympics LOCOG has to ensure the Park, and Circus Field on Blackheath, are both fully re-instated and just before the Games began Greenwich Council’s Conservative Group initiated a resolution, supported by all Councillors, as a reminder of what was required.
Blackheath Westcombe Councillor, Geoff Brighty, said “In return for using Greenwich Park and Circus Field LOCOG are obliged to re-instate both areas at the very least to the condition in which they found them and Greenwich Council Officers and Members will be closely monitoring to ensure LOCOG meets those obligations”.