Councillors and residents work together to preserve character of Eltham Heights

Conservative councillors working with Riefield Road Residents' Association, have managed to prevent the over development of 157 Bexley Road, after a further application was put in by developers for a 4 storey block of flats.

The flats were designed to be student accommodation, but only had a small number of parking spaces and would have seen a large block developed on this key site, with an access directly affecting the traffic light junction on Riefield Road.  Over 60 local residents opposed the plans, and Conservative councillors Adam Thomas and Matt Clare, working with a  number of dedicated members of the Residents' Association managed to prevent the scheme going ahead.

Cllr Adam Thomas said: "This is a real victory for all of the hard work put in by residents living on Eltham Heights, the proposed scheme was completely inappropriate for this very sensitive area.  It's important to state that residents aren't opposed to development on this site, but has to be something which mirrors what already exists."