Missiles on Oxleas Meadow

On Saturday 5th May, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Spencer Drury saw (what we think must be) the Armed Forces Air Security Testing Exercise on Oxleas Meadow. 

Previously the Army asked the Council to distribute a leaflet with answers to frequently asked questions which includes the following Frequently Asked Questions section:-

Why are we here?

We are running an exercise locally to test the sensors and communications on our Air Defence Systems which might be used to support the police-led security o peration for the Olympics 2012. As part of our ongoing planning, we are testing the equipment to make sure that, if it is used, it will work effectively in this environment and we will ensure any impact to the local community is noted and addressed.

Why is the military doing this?

The military is providing support to the police security plan for the Olympics, in London and across the UK.   We need to make sure our equipment works.

Why has this location been chosen?

This site provides one of the best locations in London for this equipment, should it be decided to deploy it for the Olympics.

Does that mean we are a target?

No. It is not being considered for deployment in response to any specific threat. The equipment has a range of capabilities including its radar and it will represent a powerful deterrent.

Is the equipment safe?

There is no danger to the public from today’s testing.

Will it affect my mobile telephone or my TV network?

We have carried out careful planning to make sure it should not interfere with your TV or mobile reception and are confident that this will not occur. Our testing today will confirm this.

What does HVM (the High Velocity Missile) do?

HVM is a piece of equipment that we use to protect ourselves against hostile aircraft and helicopters.

What does Rapier do?

The Rapier system can track aircraft using its sensors and if necessary deter an attack from the air.

Why are you testing it without missiles?

We don’t need missiles when we test the sensors and communications systems.

How long will it be here for?

We will only be here for a few hours.

Will you be coming back?

It is probable that we will come back for some further testing or exercising.  We will keep local Councils and landowners informed.