Conservative Stand at Greenwich University Open Day

Deputy Chairman (Membership & Finance), Thomas Turrell joined newly elected University of Greenwich Conservatives Chairman, Oliver Clark and Deputy Chairman (Political) at the University of Greenwich Open Day in order to promote ongoing campaign to get Boris Johnson re-elected as Mayor of London and Cllr. Alex Wilson elected as London Assembly Member for Greenwich and Lewisham. There was an interest in the stall and many students took leaflets with them. The group used an ipad to open up the campaign website for Alex Wilson to promote his hard work further, having the picture of when Alex came down to help the Conservative society at their fresher’s stand in September 2011.

The University Labour society failed to turn up showing that Labour doesn’t care about students unless there is a story behind it. Thomas said “Today not only have we improved on our own presence in the University we have shown that only the Conservatives come to speak to students around the clock, not just it gets media attention! We have had a range of students come up to us today, whether they are socialist and Conservative to say how disappointed they are by the way that Labour ignored today but how pleased they were that the Conservatives have given up their Saturday to come speak to them! This is because we care. We have been asked on tuition fees but we are here to explain the system not to scare monger and lie about the changes as Labour and the NUS have insisted on doing.”