Council’s ‘cleaning’ may leave landscaping plans in the toilet

Plans by Transport for London (TFL) to re-landscape a key ‘Gateway’ to Eltham, have been undermined by the council’s inability to clean Greenwich’s streets.


Cleansweep are responsible for the cleaning of the area, even though TFL are in charge of maintaining the roundabouts and flowerbeds.    Following questions asked by Eltham North Conservative Councillor Spencer Drury, TFL committed to re-landscaping  the Well Hall roundabout. However despite promises by the Labour Council, that they would keep the area clean, rubbish has been littering the streets for weeks including a toilet and a mattress.


In a statement given to Spencer, the council said “The central reservation on Westhorne Avenue was last litter-picked on 26th March. It is scheduled for a weekly litter-pick on Mondays.  The inner channels on the Sidcup Road are swept on a nightshift on Wednesday nights/ Thursday mornings.The shrub areas are litter-picked on a responsive basis.   The Yorkshire Grey roundabout is cleared weekly, as required, every Sunday.”


Spencer said ““I am pleased that the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is going to take steps to improve the roundabout at Well Hall.  I am hoping that this will be combined with improvements to the other ‘Gateways to Eltham’ through which visitors approach our town centre.  However, unless the Council takes steps to improve its street cleaning and litter removal any work Boris does will be undermined by Greenwich Council’s incompetence.


“A resident sent me the photo below which shows a toilet and mattress which have been sitting on the street beside the Well Hall roundabout for nearly two weeks.  Boris can try improving Well Hall roundabout with flower beds and landscaping, but if there is a toilet sitting in front of it, visitors are going to struggle to value Eltham.  It will give our area, completely the wrong image. I don’t believe that we can trust Cleansweep to keep the area clean and tidy”

Jim McKenna, who lives in Tom Coombs Close, can see the toilet from his house “It’s an eyesore.  I don’t think this is really the right image for the New Royal Borough of Greenwich.”