Labour reveal scorn for Eltham

Labour Deputy Leader admits he is only interested in Eltham for parking charges revenue.

At a recent Council meeting the Deputy Leader of the Labour Council slipped up and revealed his party’s true view of Eltham. 

Eltham Conservative Councillor Matt Clare asked if the Council website could be adjusted to reflect the treasures located in the south of the Borough, not just those in the north.  In reply Labour’s Deputy Leader said “I really don’t know what treasure you’re talking about .. unless you’re talking about car parking in Eltham High Street.”  Later in the meeting, another Labour Councillor referred to Conservative concerns over the High Street as ‘parochial’.

Eltham’s Conservatives have raised this with Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who said “I thought Ken Livingstone was only interested in Zone 1, but I hadn’t realised that Greenwich’s Labour Council were also openly scornful of the people of Eltham.  As Mayor I promise to continue to value Eltham and support its High Street and residents in whatever way I can.”