Launch of Woolwich &West Thamesmead Conservative Committee

Last night the new Woolwich and West Thamesmead Branch launched at the Dial Arch pub in Woolwich. The branch has succeeded the former Woolwich Riverside Branch and will cover most of the proposed Woolwich Constituency, covering the wards of Abbey Wood, Woolwich Riverside, Woolwich Common, Glyndon, Plumstead and Thamesmead Moorings.

The branch met last night and agreed plan to move the branch forward, a campaign day in Woolwich Riverside and elected its officers for 2012 – 2013. It elected Thomas Turrell as Chairman, Chris Van Roon as Deputy Chairman, Oliver Clark as Secretary and Philip Smith, Andrew Credgington and Gemma Robinson as the three Branch Vice-Chairmen.

The Branch Officers will have their first meeting in May to discuss a range of social events throughout the year. After the AGM the new Chairman, Thomas Turrell said “The branch covers some Labour strong holds like Glyndon ward and Thamesmead Moorings. However we also have wards where we can work hard and win, wards like Woolwich Riverside and Abbey Wood. I strongly believe that if we, as a branch work hard enough we can win new seats on the Council, and build a strong Conservative presence in an area that Labour ignore."