Hornfair Park - the bigger picture

Secretary of Kidbrooke with Hornfair Conservatives, Toni Hale, writes


“Some time ago a campaign went ahead to stop the build of the BMX dirt track in Hornfair Park. However, the fight was lost to get this sporting activity relocated to a different place and now it sits at the far end of the park on the Green Chain Walk.


It seems there is still controversy surrounding the BMX dirt track and the community are still split.  Hornfair Park was left to deteriorate for some time which in turn made it a place for crime and anti social behaviour. The fear within the area was these issues of concern would get worse when the BMX track was instilled. However, since the track was implemented a BMX club run there every week on a Saturday between 10am-12pm supervised by qualified staff and it looks as though it is well utilised at these times. There have been some very positive comments about the track, especially that all age groups are utilising the track at all times. However, it does not mean the issues of concern have been erased, it means that the issues of concern still play a key part in the park.


Once the BMX dirt track was in place it was noted that there were posters around the park to inform people the park and the BMX track would be closed at night. However, it seems this itself is still an ongoing problem because it is not always followed through. Many people who use the park are uncertain of when the park will open and close therefore we would like to see specific opening and closure times added to the signs.


Hornfair Park has also received much needed refurbishment with the football pitches in place with new gleaming white lines, football posts and a brand new changing room facility. However, the Bowling Green, tennis courts, children’s play area and the Lido are still in need of an upgrade. Recently there were nine trees planted in Hornfair Park outside the BMX track at the Prince Henry Road Entrance. This is within the plan to plant two thousand and twelve trees for 2012.


One day we hope that Hornfair Park will be back to its old self where it was one of the best parks in the borough.”


If you have any issues that you would like to raise concerning Hornfair Park then please contact Kidbrooke and Hornfair Conservatives on khconservatives@gmail.com or 07841 515463