Eltham South councillors update residents in Oakways, Bexley Road and Avery Hill


Local Conservative Councillors Working Hard For You

As your local councillors we want to give you an update on some of the things we have been working on/securing delivery of in the immediate area as well as reiterating that we are on hand if you should need assistance from any of us

The Oakways roundabout has been raised to prevent further damage by lorries/vans following campaigning by Cllr Matt Clare 

Cllr Adam Thomas is regularly in touch with the council to clear and prevent fly tipping down Butterfly Lane.

After several months of pushing the fly tipping in Oakways garages was finally removed.

The fly tipping before...

...Matt got the problem sorted

Cllr Eileen Glover continues to be a staunch defender of Lemonwell leaseholders interests

All 3 councillors continue to call on the council to ensure that the current unacceptable parking situation in the Avery Hill Park/Eltham Heights area

Cllrs Eileen Glover talking to residents about parking on Avery Hill

All 3 councillors have urged the council to put greater enforcement on parking in the Bexley Road cycle lanes. This should be in place soon

Eileen, Adam and Matt are passionate about defending your needs and protecting/enhancing the local area. In addition to the above we often work with residents on planning matters on your behalf and are continually trying to keep the area cleaner and tidier.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if we can be of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Matt,Adam and Eileen

Your Councillors in Eltham South