Councillor stands up for residents at Shepherd's Leas

At the recent full council meeting of Greenwich Councillor, Eltham South councillor Eileen Glover took the Labour council to task over the continuing issues around the maintenance of the Shepherd Leas community at the top of Riefield Road.

Cllr Glover has consistently raised problems with the maintenance of the homes for tenants and the treatment of leaseholders by the council and its housing association partners.

At the meeting Cllr Glover raised serious problems with the flats including leaking pipes, but also questioned the Cabinet member responsible for the level of compensation that leaseholders would received when the site was redeveloped, raising particular concerns about the council's tone in regards to how properties had been maintained.

Cllr Glover said' "At the end of the day residents on Shepherd's Leas have been let down by the council and it is simply not correct to blame leaseholders for the poor state of the site, when it is the council and its partners that have not taken their responsibilities towards both tenants and leaseholders seriously."