Commuters in Abbey Wood support Boris

On Tuesday Greenwich Conservatives campaigned at Abbey Wood Train Station, handing out Back Boris Oyster Card Holders to the commuters. Within only 20 Minutes 150 had vanished! Oliver Clark, Secretary of Greenwich University Conservatives said “People were eager to take the holders off me, such a response fills me with confidence that the residents of Abbey Wood have faith in Boris Johnson and the Conservatives, faith that they simply do not have in Labour and Ken Livingstone, a man and a party who did nothing but let London down, and let Greenwich Down for 8 very long years.”

The session was held at 6pm in the evening, catching commuters as they came home from work. Thomas Turrell said “The reaction to two Conservatives greeting commuters was very positive. We were even greeted with smile and somebody even shock my hand to thank me. People who walked past and then realised what we were handing out they turned around to come back for their very own Back Boris Oyster Card Holder. To me this shows that Abbey Wood are keen to show their support for Boris and clear plan to further improve London, eager to reject disappointment and broken promises from the Labour party and their mayoral candidate.”