Councillors attend Avery Hill Park AGM

Eltham South councillors, Adam Thomas, Matt Clare and Eileen Glover attended the AGM of Friends of Avery Hill Park Group on Saturday.

There was a great turnout to the event held at the Park Cafe, with over 50 people attending and taking part.  The event highlighted a number of the changes taking place in the park including the new plans for the Winter Gardens, the potential for new cycle pathways and the work that has been taking place with the Young Friends Group.

The AGM also saw the election of Nuala Geary as the new Chair of the Group's committee.

Cllr Adam Thomas said "It's great to see so much interest from residents in the work of the Friends Group, as our green spaces are so precious in Eltham.  The Eltham South councilors will continue to support the Group at this important time in the park's development."

If you are interested in taking part in the Group's activities, please contact Nuala Geary on


Cllrs Adam Thomas (far left) and Matt Clare (second from right) with members of the Avery Hill Park Friends Group Committee