Council to repair fencing at Lovelace Green

This evening Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury met with Progress Residents’ Association Committee Member Keith Billingshurst and a Council Officer to discuss the future of the fencing at Lovelace Green.


The meeting was arranged after Cllr Drury discussed with local residents the poor state of the Green and the tatty state of the fencing.  At the meeting it was agreed that:-


·        As much of the remaining fencing as possible would be salvaged and used to provide a continuous fence along the eastern and northern sides of the green.

·        New fencing would be provided along the western and northern sides of the green to restore the fence to the whole edge of the green.  If possible this would be weathered to avoid any problems with different colours of wood between the two sets of fencing. 

·        The Council fill the hole in the main grass section of Lovelace Green and if possible, place new sections of hedge in the gaps which currently exist. 


Spencer said “It is always a pleasure to work with the Progress Residents Association to try and improve conditions on the estate.  I hope that the new fencing will help improve the look of the green, which had become a little tatty in recent months.”


If residents have any other issues to report, they should contact Spencer at