Old Dover Road - demand for parking restrictions

Blackheath Westcombe Ward's two Conservative Councillors, Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson,  recently attended the inaugural meeting of a new traders association being set up by our independent shops in Old Dover Road.
The traders have lots of ideas to promote their goods and services in an increasingly competitive and still difficult market place and Geoff and Alex are happy to support them.
One issue of particular concern is parking.  At the moment parking outside the shops is free with no restrictions on how long vehicles can stay.  The traders are concerned that this has become a magnet for all day parking by commuters and others making it almost impossible for shoppers with cars to stop off outside and drop in to do a quick shop.  They believe this is harming their businesses and would like to see a change with parking remaining free if possible but with a two hour restriction.
It seems that many local residents agree with them as well over 1400 customers signed a petition organised by the traders calling for the change to be made.  The petition was presented to the October meeting of Greenwich Council by Cllr Geoff Brighty.
A review of parking in the area has been promised by the Council for some time and the views of the traders and the supporters of the petition should be fed through to inform that review.