Plumstead Train Station Action

When we hear Glyndon ward or Plumstead the word Conservative is not the first word to come to  mind but today 29th September 2011 Glyndon ward Conservatives took to Plumstead Train Station to hand out the back Boris oyster card holders and back Boris pledge leaflets. The morning was a great success, between 50 and 75 oyster card holders went in 45 minutes, with local commuters more than happy to take an oyster card holder and promote the Boris campaign on their travels. Some commuters even asked if they were the Boris holders, demonstrating how word of the latest travel fashion has got around. 
We noticed how after accepting the Oyster card holder’s people were quick to read the message inside, explaining 5 key achievements of Boris’s Administration in London, they were;

  • Introducing Oyster Cards to the national rail network in London
  • Securing Crossrail and delivering the biggest ever tube upgrade, including to Abbey Wood
  • Putting 500 new police officers on London transport, driving crime down by 30% on buses and 25% on the tube and DLR
  • Freezing Cities hall share of Council tax, compared to the 153% rise under the last Labour Mayor
  • Delivering the Olympic venues on time and under budget, securing a proper legacy

Commuters were also keen to read the Pledge flyer that accompanied the free Oyster Card Holder, the flyer repeated the 2008 Mayoral pledges, and then explained how Boris has kept those promises, a breath of fresh air from the eight years of broken promises we Londoners had to ensure under the previous Mayor. The activity at Plumstead station, in Glyndon ward is a clear example of how the Conservative Party are active and campaign in all areas, leaving Labour to carry on appealing to no-one except their core vote.