Greenwich still behind London Boroughs on Education

Cllrs Spencer Drury and Adam Thomas attended the latest meeting of the Council's Best Value Review committee which is looking at the future role of Greenwich's Local Education Authority, councillors were given a presentation on the early indications of the latest exam results fro Greenwich.

The latest results, published this summer showed that Greenwich was now finally meeting national averages for children leaving primary school, which was welcome news.  However the indications form the GCSE and A Level results highlighted that Greenwich was still way behind both the national and particularly the London averages, where other London boroughs were significantly out performing our LEA.

Perhaps the most worrying, was Greenwich Post-16 results, which highlighted that the borough was 'flat lining' in providing the higher level qualifications that pupils in Greenwich need to attend University and higher skilled jobs. Data also showed that while number of children leaving the borough to be educated had reduced, a significant proportion, a third, were still leaving to be educated in neighbouring boroughs, particularly in Bexley and Bromley which still operate a Grammar School system.

The committee is looking at how the role of the LEA can be  improved to raise standards, and will be embarking on a number of visits to local schools, to talk to teachers, parents and governors about the improvements they would like to see.