Cut the spin and freeze the Tax

Conservatives have voted against increasing the Greenwich Council Tax this year.  Labour is claiming that its increase is moderate compared with the rest of London, but they have raised the Tax on a Band D property by £52.33 which Conservatives feel is completely unnecessary.

Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury says: "Raising the Council Tax by any amount this year is absolutely disgusting and a devastating blow to the thousands of pensioners living in Greenwich.  Putting that in perspective, the average pensioner can expect to receive a maximum inflation linked rise in their pension of only 2.8%.  Many of them will face the terrible prospect of not having the extra money to pay their Council Tax."

Greenwich's GLA spokesman, Gareth Bacon added: "In reality Greenwich Council's 4.1% increase, when combined with Labour mayor Ken Livingstone's rise of 7.5% means that people living in the Borough face a Council Tax hike of 4.8%.  Ken Livingstone's tax of £241 is an outrageous amount for people to pay and the bottom line is, it is completely unnecessary."

Labour run Greenwich will make £2.66 million from this rise.  Conservatives could find this money easily by, among other things:

  • cutting the publicity budget (Greenwich Council employ more people in PR than any other authority in the country);
  • getting rid of Greenwich Time, the Council's propaganda newspaper;
  • reducing the bad debt provision by improving the collection of Council Tax in the first place.