A Better Walk to Blackheath Village

Those who take a walk across the Heath along Prince of Wales Road  - and many Blackheath Westcombe residents do to get to and from the Village and the Station - should find it a smoother, safer walk.
By a quirk of the borough boundaries the road is shared between Greenwich and Lewisham Boroughs.  Acting on complaints from residents  Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty liaised with both Councils to get the pavement resurfaced.  Greenwich Council carried out work on the section nearest the junction with Shooters Hill Road and Stratheden Road and, after some persuasion, Lewisham completed the job mid July on their side down to the Pond.
Geoff said " The Lewisham section of the pavement had deteriorated markedly recently and it is encouraging that they were prepared to respond positively to an issue that affects Greenwich residents probably more than their own."
Earlier in the year Geoff had also taken up complaints with Lewisham about the state of the road at the junction of South Row and Prince of Wales Road - again used by many Blackheath Westcombe residents but a Lewisham responsibility - and the road was resurfaced.