Conservative Councillors do council's job and sort out weed problem on Overmead

After receiving complaints from residents living on Overmead about the problem of overgrowing weeds in the road's pavements, Conservative councillors, Adam Thomas, Matt Clare and Neil Dickinson decided to help residents by removing the weeds.


Labour run Greenwich Council ignored Overmead residents and their concerns, allowing weeds to grow all over the pavement - Overmead had some of the worst overgrowing weeds in the whole of the Eltham South ward

Your Conservative councillors took swift action to sort the problem out.


Cllrs Adam Thomas, Matt Clare and Neil Dickinson spent two hours at Overmead pulling up the overgrowing weeds on both sides of the pavement and discussing issues with residents.


Your Conservative team collected 6 bags full of weeds- leaving the pavements much clearer -

Conservatives deliver for Eltham residents