Councillors get Stop Notice on Avery Hill Car Wash

Eltham South councillors have successfully obtained a Stop Notice from Greenwich Council, for the hand car wash that appeared at the former petrol station site on the corner of Eastnor Road and Avery Hill.

A block of flats and a new supermarket were recently refused planning permission for the site, but over the Bank Holiday councillors were alerted by local residents of the fact that a car wash had opened on the site without permission.

Following a visit from the police and extensive work with the council's enforcement team, local councillors have now obtained a Stop Notice, which could be followed by prosecution if the activities are not stopped immediately.

The council will now be collating evidence of the complaints from residents to submit to the courts - if you have any concerns about this please don't hesitate to contact your Eltham South ward councillors, Adam Thomas and Eileen Glover.